About LearnFos

LearnFos is a technology organization aimed at bringing modern solutions in the field of Academia. The goal is to see that everyone has the equal opportunity to learn modern day technology regardless of their background. We embark on continuous development on Academic. We aim to create the opportunity for students to interact and collaborate on projects that will give them the strong start for the real world.

Our Aim

This tool will be continuous development aiming to see the product evolve based on the need towards achieving academic excellence. With this platform, an institution will have available data to research on areas that need resources to aid in better academic performance. We are gearing towards seeing every student achieve the best of their potentials and not be limited by lack of resources that are already available.

Portal Interaction

The Administration can add teachers and students to LearnFos portal and provide them user account to be able to access the features useful for their academic progress. The administration can create courses and classrooms and these courses can be assigned to teachers for a particular Semester allowing students to register for these available courses. Students can read notices posted by teacher, view and download assignments and projects for the course and be able to submit assignments and projects as document, audios or videos file. Students can also use the platform to comment on courses viewable only by members of that course. They can use this tool to discuss about the progress of the class and share useful materials. Instructor Post Lecture Videos/Audios that students are able stream directly from LearnFos.com. Instructors can set up exams and make it available for students to take remotely.

Watch Our Tutorials

This video briefly describes how an institution can be set up and use the LearnFos tools

The following video shows how an Institution can register for a free trial

Instructions on how an Institution Staff Signs In the System

Demo of how an Institution Staff can add a new Instructor(Professor)

Instructions on how to add a new Course(Module) and assign it to a department

Assign Course(Module) to an Instructor(Professor)

This section shows how a Staff can activate student enrollment